LOFTEK CXS 2200 on

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The Good

  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Really great image quality/clarity
  • Works great on
  • Equipped with wifi, night vision, audio
  • LOFTEK has excellent tech support

The Bad

  • IP address is hard coded, makes setup harder on Macs
  • Lack of DHCP was not advertised
  • Daytime colors are a little washed out due to IR
  • No Color Adjustment
  • Software doesn't work on OS X, but it's not required

LOFTEK’s CXS 2200 is a great entry-level network camera. $60-$70 buys you night vision, high quality picture, PTZ, and great motion detection. Despite potential challenges in setup due it its lack of DHCP support, you can’t go wrong in buying a CXS 2200 for the price. Tip: The default IP Address is